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Nitrogen Burst Photographic Developing System

PELCO® Nitrogen-Burst EM Photographic Developing System, Model 2

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nitrogen burst developing system

The Model 2 EM Photo Processor is housed in a floor-standing unit and contains a nitrogen-burst system, quick-dump wash tank, three chemical tanks with covers, gas-burst timer, temperature valves, vacuum breakers, thermometer and thermostatic regulator. High grade T316LC stainless steel jacket and tanks are heliarc welded and passivated.

The master tank in which the developing tanks are situated has its own temperature valve and vacuum breaker, as does the quick-dump wash tank. All one gallon tanks are fitted with gas distributor plenums and stainless steel protective screen covers on which the racks rest. Stainless base has floor leveling pads.

Outside Dimensions:
  • Width: 38" (97cm)
  • Depth: 24" (61cm)
  • Height: 52" (132cm)
  • Working Height: 36" (91cm)

Plumbing is concealed in a wide backsplash return except for the bottom drains.

Dimensions of Developing and Fixing Tanks:

  • Length: 9-1/2" (24.1cm)
  • Width: 5-1/2" (14cm)
  • Height: 8" (20.3cm)

Dimensions of Wash Tank:

  • 10" H x 9-1/2" W x 9" D (25.4 x 24.1 x 22.9cm)

Shipping Weight:

  • Approx. 240 lbs. (109kg)

Crated Dimensions:

  • Approx. 34" H x 48" W x 58" D (87 x 122 x 148cm)
nitrogen burst drawing

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26400-2 PELCO® Model 2 Nitrogen-Burst EM Photo Developing System, 115VAC, 60Hz each P.O.R.
Floating Lids are Optional (stainless steel)