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The World's Finest Rotary Cutters

rotary trimmer

Nothing equals the accuracy, quality, performance and durability of RotaTrim®. Long regarded as the standard in professional cutters, RotaTrim® is now further improved.

These high qulaity Cutters are an indispensable professional tool - in the darkroom, for print finishing, in the office, in countless craft applications, anywhere there's a need to cut flexible sheet material. RotaTrim® can trim slivers of film, paper, and dry mount tissue, or slice card-board, litho plates, mat board, even 1/16" hardboard. It's not just a paper cutter.

RotaTrim® cutters are completely safe to use. The enclosed cutting wheel eliminates the obvious danger of a conventional guillotine-type paper cutter, making RotaTrim® the cutter of choice for schools, laboratories and darkrooms.
RotaTrim® Professional Trimmer is available in a choice of 2 cutting lengths for any application: 305 and 610 (12" and 24").
Every RotaTrim® comes with a five year limited warranty, a statement of our conviction of its quality and reliability. RotaTrim® Rotary Cutters. None better.

  • Each Professional Trimmer is now screen-printed with a very useful 10mm grid, ‘A’ size indicators and two additional metric/imperial scale bars.
  • Solid, melamine faced baseboard.
  • Self sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel (BS 5498 approved).
  • Automatic transparent clampstrip for firm grip and clear view of cutline.
  • Lockable metal sliding backstop (slide guide) for precision repeat cutting comes with each unit.
  • Profiled aluminum, factory set squaring arm.
  • Cuts both ways (user option on model 24)
  • Each model supplied with free spare clampstrip.
trimmer blade

The Heart of the Matter

A Sheffield tungsten steel rotary blade is the secret of the RotaTrim's success. The hollow-ground blade is self-sharpening for a long cutting life.

rotary trimmer bars

Twin Bars for Precision

RotaTrim's exclusive double steel tube suspension keeps the cutting head completely stable, guaranteeing precision and repeatability.

rotatrim arm

All New Squaring Arm

The extruded aluminum squaring arm is factory-aligned to be perfectly square to the cutting edge. The rule includes both inch and metric calibrations and accepts an optional acces-sory Side Guide.

RotaTrim® Ordering Information (M-II Series)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
29210 RotaTrim-12 Rotary Cutter each $374.80
29240 RotaTrim-24 Rotary Cutter each 579.20
a Side Guide is supplied with each of the above

Replacement Cutting Wheel

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
29205 Cutting Wheel for RotaTrim each $112.00