PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital Chiller

PELCO SteadyTemp Pro Digital Recirculating Chiller
PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital Chiller

The PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital provides precise fully automatic temperature control for a variety of processing applications, such as the EDTA Decalcification / Formalin Fixation Application Kit and the Immunolabeling / Confocal Microscopy Application Kit. Using the PELCO ColdSpot®Pro, sample temperature control with Pro Digital is set and monitored via the touch screen on the new PELCO BioWave® Pro+ tissue processing system. The controls of the PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital are fully integrated with the PELCO BioWave® Pro+ System. The ability to control sample temperature in this manner is unique and can provide continuous working temperatures above or below ambient from +5° to +80°C via 400 watts of cooling and 600 watts of heating capacity, using reliable, Freon-free technology.

Exterior Dimensions: 234 x 280 x 324mm (12.75" x 11" x 12.75")
Weight: 61.6 kg (28 lb)
Electrical: Universal Voltage 115-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 7/5 A
Noise Level: 60 dba.

PELCO SteadyTemp Pro Digital and PELCO BioWave Pro Microwave Processor

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
50062 PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital Chiller each P.O.R.

chloramine-T Algicide

Chloramine-T Algicide

A non-corrosive algicide for use with constant temperature bath or recirculation chillers like the PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro Digital and chillers used for TEM/SEM systems. Chloramine-T algicide prevents the growth of algae which can be damaging to equipment and instrumentation. The product can be used as a shock treatment, or as a preventative treatment at a dosage of 1 gram per gallon. Best to use distilled water to avoid scaling and shield the bath and cooling lines from light.


Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
18625 Chloramine-T Algicide, 25gm each $39.00