NEW PELCO BioWave® Pro+ Microwave Tissue Processor
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The PELCO BioWave® Pro
is the only microwave processor with "Complete Control"

The Benefits of "Complete Control"

  • Technology that ensures you don't overheat your sample
  • Application Kits designed for efficient processing
  • Installed protocols to simplify processing or staining
  • Unique technology not found in other microwave systems
  • The most built-in features of any microwave on the market


Ordering Information and Specifications for the PELCO BioWave® Pro

PELCO BioWave Pro Microwave Tissue Processor for Microscopy Sample Preparation
PELCO BioWave® Pro, Prod. #36500
The most complete Laboratory Microwave
Processor on the market; Standard Features

Unique technological and processing advancements from our microwave research and development have been:

Our Innovative True Power Technology

  • Continuous power, NOT PULSED power is delivered to your sample from 100 to 750W
  • Enables rapid diffusion without the heating artifact


The Patented PELCO ColdSpot Pro® and ColdSpot® Plus

  • Captures the reflected energy in the microwave chamber so you don't COOK your sample
  • The PELCO ColdSpot® in combination with True Power™ deliver GENTLE UNIFORM power to your sample

PELCO ColdSpot Pro

The PELCO SteadyTemp Pro

  • Captures and removes heat from the sample
  • Provides the best temperature control on the market today
PELCO SteadyTemp Pro temperature control

Application Kits provide the tools for reliability and multi-tasking:


Electron Microscopy
Tissue Processing
Prod. #36500-10
<45 min. from fixation to infiltration

Prod. #36500-20
<60 min. to a stained coverslipped slide

Application Protocols:

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