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Laboratory Label Printers and
Label Tape from Brother®

The P-Touch® Professional Labeling System

The P-touch® professional labeling systems by Brother® provide the easiest way to print great looking labels for your lab, home or office. Brother® printers have the ability to print on labels that provide a superior look. The innovative style of high strength laminated tape is abrasion, chemical, moisture and fade resistant. There is a wide selection of different label colors and styles that can be produced with different fonts and label sizes depending on your application. Labels can also be produced from information stored on your computer.

The Science of P-Touch® Lamination

The Tape Structure

The Brother® laminated tape structure consists of six layers of material that are surprisingly thin, yet strong. The P-touch labels print on the underside on the laminate, sandwiching text between two layers of film, making the characters virtually indestructible.

Abrasion Resistance

The Brother® laminated tape structure is durable and abrasion resistant. Brother® laminated tapes are only slightly scratched in abrasion resistance tests after 50 round trip passes with a 1kg weighted sand eraser.

Chemical Resistance

The Brother® laminated tape structure is water and chemical resistant. The laminated tapes were bathed in a variety of materials for two hours and they still managed to remain affixed to their surfaces with little damage. Even after caustic chemical spills, with a quick wiping, there is minimal damage to the tape.

Fade Resistance

Brother® tapes are fade resistant. Brother® laminated tapes were attached to coated metal plates that were placed into a fade-inducing chamber at 83°C for 100 hours to simulate a year in a sunny environment. Then the tapes were placed in a humidity chamber at 64°C for 400 hours to simulate a year in, not only heat and light, but water as well. Only yellow tapes showed significant signs of fading while other tapes showed little signs of fading to the eye.

Adhesive Strength

Brother® laminated tapes will adhere to almost any surface including stainless steel, glass, polypropylene, acrylic, PVC, and polyester-coated wood. The tapes stand up to hot, cold (temperature range -10°C to 45°C), and humid conditions (up to 80% humidity). Smooth, rough, flat or rounded surfaces are no problem for these tapes. The industrial tapes have twice the adhesive of the regular tapes, allowing them to be applied to a much wider range of materials and under more extreme conditions. The security tape has a special adhesive so when the label is peeled off it leaves a checker-board pattern. This tape is used for permanently marking company equipment and assets.

Uses for Labeling:

  • Specimens & Specimen Racks
  • Reagents and Chemicals
  • Computer Discs
  • Safety Signs
  • Machines & Equipment
  • Bar Codes

Brother PT-D600 Label Printer Model PT-D600 PC-Connectable Label Printer
  • Full-color display offers a true WYSIWYG experience
  • Use stand-alone, or connected to a PC or Mac for added design capabilities
  • High-resolution output, for crisp graphic and logo printing
  • Super-fast printing with auto cutter for high-volume jobs
  • Create labels with up to 7 lines of text and graphics
  • Personalize with hundreds of built-in symbols, frames, and barcodes
  • Built-in templates and 99 label memory help save time with reprinting
  • Uses durable, laminated labels for indoor or outdoor use
  • 2-year limited warranty and free phone support for the life of the product
With its full-color display, the PT-D600 enables users to preview the label, including the tape color installed. Simply connect it to your Windows® or Mac® computer to create professional-looking labels using P-touch Editor label design software, or use it on its own. Its super-fast print speeds and automatic tape cutter support high volume labeling tasks. Capable of printing on "TZe" tapes up to 24mm wide, it's ideal for a variety of label usages requiring durable labels that withstand water, heat, and fading.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26106 PT-D600 PC-Connectable Label Printer each $152.55

Brother PT-1230-PC Label Printer Model PT-1230-PC
  • PC-Connectable Label Maker
  • Plug and Label Technology
  • Manual tape cutter
  • Use existing computer keyboard for input
  • PC USB connectivity (cable included)
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista
  • Supports all scalable fonts on your PC
  • Barcoding printing available
  • Prints labels up to 1/2" wide
  • Label length .98" to 11.81"
The PT-1230-PC is great for labeling file folders, storage containers, and much more, the PT-1230-PC is an easy-to-use PC-connectable label maker. Its intuitive label making program, requires no software installation. The PT-1230-PC's design is durable and prints laminated labels up to 1/2" wide using your PC keyboard and monitor. The PT-1230-PC prints exactly what you see on your screen. It is capable of printing multiple lines of text, graphics, and all true type resident fonts. Its compact footprint and built-in manual cutter supports maximum efficiency. The PT-1230-PC supports PC USB Connectivity. This unit includes 1/2" (5m) black on white "TZ" laminated tape, and a USB cable. The PT-1230-PC uses 6 "AAA" batteries (not included) or the 110V AD-24 AC adapter (optional).

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26108 PT-1230-PC Plug and Label each $72.50
26108-1 AD-24 AC Adapter, 110V each 30.85

  PT-D600 PT-1230-PC
Description High-Performance Labeling System Computer Plug and label
Maximum Label Size Up to 1" Up to 1/2"
PC/Mac Connectable Yes Yes
9/64" (CD Spine) Yes Yes
Lines Printed Up to 7 Up to 5
Labels Stored in Memory Up to 99 All
Display 20 char by 3 lines All
Symbols 600+ All


Tapes are 8m (26.2 ft.) in length
TZe Tapes 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Black on White 26120-5 26120-10 26120-15 26120-20 26120-25
Black on Clear 26122-5 26122-10 26122-15 26122-20 26122-25
Black on Red       26124-20 26124-25
Black On Yellow       26126-20 26126-25
Black On Green       26128-20  
Black On Blue       26130-20  
Black on Fl Orange       26132-20 26132-25
White on Black 26134-5 26134-10 26134-15 26134-20 26134-25
White on Clear       26136-20  
White on Blue       26138-20  
Red on White     26140-15 26140-20 26140-25
Blue on White       26142-20  
Gold on Black     26144-15 26144-20 26144-25
TZe Industrial Laminated Tapes          
Black on White 26150-5 26150-10 26150-15 26150-20 26150-25
Black on Clear 26152-5 26152-10 26152-15 26152-20 26152-25
TZe Cleaning Tapes          
Dry Tape       26160-20  
TZe Security Tapes          
Black on White       26170-20  

Labeling Tape for PT-D200/PT-1280/PT-1290 and PT-1230-PC
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26122-5 1/4" Black on Clear each $10.99
26122-10 3/8" Black on Clear each 12.24
26122-15 1/2" Black on Clear each 13.60
26120-5 1/4" Black on White each 13.55
26120-10 3/8" Black on White each 13.75
26120-15 1/2" Black on White each 16.50
26140-15 1/2" Red on White each 14.99
26134-5 1/4" White on Black each 14.98
26134-10 3/8" White on Black each 16.34
26144-15 1/2" Gold on Black each 17.73
26134-15 1/2" White on Black each 17.73

Labeling Tape for PT-2730/PT-D600, (all of above plus the following)
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26122-20 3/4" Black on Clear each $16.34
26136-20 3/4" White on Clear each 17.73
26120-20 3/4" Black on White each 17.73
26140-20 3/4" Red on White each 17.73
26142-20 3/4" Blue on White each 17.73
26144-20 3/4" Gold on Black each 20.42
26134-20 3/4" White on Black each 20.42
26124-20 3/4" Black on Red each 20.42
26130-20 3/4" Black on Blue each 20.42
26138-20 3/4" White on Blue each 20.42
26126-20 3/4" Black on Yellow each 20.42
26128-20 3/4" Black on Green each 20.42
26132-20 3/4" Black on Fl Orange each 21.17
26160-20 Dry Tape each 17.70
26152-5 1/4" Black on Clear, Industrial Laminated Tape each 13.84
26152-10 3/8" Black on Clear, Industrial Laminated Tape each 15.22
26152-15 1/2" Black on Clear, Industrial Laminated Tape each 16.75
26152-20 3/4" Black on Clear, Industrial Laminated Tape each 19.36
26150-5 1/4" Black on White, Industrial Laminated Tape each 15.01
26150-10 3/8" Black on White, Industrial Laminated Tape each 15.25
26150-15 1/2" Black on White, Industrial Laminated Tape each 16.93
26150-20 3/4" Black on White, Industrial Laminated Tape each 19.33
26170-20 3/4" Black on White, Security Tape each 30.26

Labeling Tape for PT-2700 all of above plus the following)
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
26122-25 1" Black on Clear each $19.06
26120-25 1" Black on White each 23.15
26140-25 1" Red on White each 20.65
26144-25 1" Gold on Black each 22.07
26134-25 1" White on Black each 23.35
26124-25 1" Black on Red each 20.65
26126-25 1" Black on Yellow each 20.65
26132-25 1" Black on Fl Orange each 24.80
26152-25 1" Black on Clear, Industrial Laminated Tape each 24.95
26150-25 1" Black on White, Industrial Laminated Tape each 22.85

Mailing label tapes
Mailing labels
Flexible label tapes
Flexible labels
Acid free label tapes
Acid free tape
All purpose labeling tapes
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