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See also: Biopunch® and Miltex® Biopsy Punch with Plunger

Harris Uni-Core™

Available while limited supplies last.

For alternatives, see: Miltex® Biopsy Punch with Plunger and Biopunch®.

harris uni-core can be used as brain punch and tissue punch

The Harris Uni-Core™ consists of a razor sharp stainless steel cutting tip designed to cut, retrieve and store cored samples from source materials such as tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips, films or other thin, soft substrates. The tip is protected by a removable cover cap. Stock sizes are available in a variety of diameters. The body is made from polypropylene plastic. Each Harris Uni-Core™ is individually pouched and ethylene oxide sterilized. A 2.5 x 3.0" x 1.5mm thick, inert, self-healing cutting mat with dual cutting surfaces is sold separately. The Uni-Core is a limited reusable, disposable sampling tool, ideal for tissue processing or forensic applications. They may be disposed of after use or cleaned and reused. Cleaning: Clean tip between each sample extraction by coring blank filter paper; rinse with ethanol or spray with compressed air to remove dried artifacts. Rinse mat with ethanol after each sample extraction. Autoclave for 20 minutes at 250°F (121°C) and 15 p.s.i. Recommended autoclave 3 to 5 times. Maximum depth: 7mm

Only available while stock lasts
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
15076 Harris Uni-Core™, Tip ID 2.0mm, OD 2.40mm each $23.85
15077 Harris Uni-Core™, Tip ID 2.5mm, OD 2.90mm each 23.85
15078 Harris Uni-Core™, Tip ID 3.0mm, OD 3.40mm each 23.85

Self Healing Cutting Mat
Self-Healing Cutting Mat, 3.5" x 5.5"

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
15085 Self Healing Cutting Mat, Blue, 3.5" x 5.5" each $5.00

cutting sample brain punch


Position sample on the Harris self-healing cutting mat. Remove protective cap from the Harris Uni-Core with gentle twisting. Firmly hold the cutter as shown or in any other comfortable position. The tip is positioned at a right angle above the target area. Use your free hand to hold the mat and material steady while pushing downward into the sample with a semi-circular rotation until the tip passes through the sample. Note: Do not press on the plunger while cutting. Next, lift the cutter away from the sample and the cut sample will be retained in the cutter tip. To eject the cut sample from the tool press on the plunger.

ejecting sample tissue punch
Sample is retained in coring tip following extraction for preferred ejection.

Sample Storage and Ejection
Sample Storage and Ejection

After removing the Harris Uni-Core™ from the substrate, the extracted sample is stored in the hollow cutting tip ready for preferred ejection. The Harris Uni-Core can be rested on its side without loss of sample from the hollow tip. To eject sample, position tip over target area and depress plunger as shown.

Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography

sample tubes
0.5mm diameter Uni-Cores, paint sample, pyrolysis gc probe, quartz sample tubes.
eject into tube
0.5mm disc paint sample cut, collected and ejected into pyrolysis sample tube.

Gel Extraction

extract core disc
6.00mm Harris Uni-Core™ used to extract core discs from pre-cast gel. Cutting mat is not used for backing.
The hard plate is used to push against cutting tip.
various diameters
Different size diameter gel discs extracted using different size Uni-Cores.
gel disc storage
Gel disc stored in Uni-Core tip.
Note different Gel disc sizes at the top.

Gel disc ejected into vial.

Slide Preparation

Erie slides with different diameter wells

Harris Uni-Core™ can cut samples
to match these well sizes.
Tissue or food sample positioned
directly onto the slide.

Tissue Sampling

Uni-Core extracting food/tissue sample. Temporary storage
of sample in tip.
Position sample onto Microscope slide.