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108 Manual Sputter Coater

ideal for sample preparation for scanning electron microscopy

sputter coater sample preparation

108 Manual Sputter Coater

The 108 Manual Sputter Coater is an ideal system for sample coating with Au of non-conducting samples for standard SEM or tabletop SEM imaging. The economical desktop unit is simple to operate, offers rapid pumpdown times, fine grain coatings and negligible sample heating. The safety interlocked sputtering supply is fully variable and the sputter current setting is not influenced by the vacuum level. Cool, fine-grain sputtering is achieved with a very efficient low voltage DC magnetron head.

Although it is our simplest coater, this model has an excellent specification:

  • This coater is ideal for routine SEM sample preparation. It is compact, economical and simple to operate. It offers rapid pumpdown times, fine-grain coatings and negligible sample heating.
  • The standard manual coater has fully variable current control, precision needle valve, digital process timer with "pause", variable height specimen table, hinged top plate and O-ring sealed vacuum chamber.
  • Sputtering is achieved with an efficient DC magnetron. A quick-change target allows for a range of metals to be used. (Au, Au:Pd). Au target is included as standard.
  • The current controller allows independent choice of sputter current and argon pressure. Coverage and grain size are optimized for any specimen.
  • The safety interlocked sputtering supply is fully variable; setting the sputter current is not influenced by vacuum level. The optional thickness monitor is recommended for accurate measurements of depositions.
  • Optional R-T Stage is available for the 108 Manual Sputter Coater.

dual vacset
Dual-Vacset used to connect two coaters to one pump

Desktop Dual-Vacset

The 108 Manual Sputter Coater can be combined with the 108C Auto Carbon Coater using one pumping system. This has the advantage of using 2 dedicated units for sputtering and carbon coating without any cross contamination.

Vacuum Systems for 108 Series Coaters

manual sputter coater
The 108 Manual Sputter Coater can be factory fitted or retrofitted with an MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor
  sputter coater head
Head tilted back showing stage
108auto Scanning Electron Microscopy Coater
Optional R-T Stage

Ordering Information
Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
6002 108 Manual Sputter Coater,115VAC* each P.O.R.
6006 108 Manual Sputter Coater, 220VAC* each P.O.R.
*The 108 Manual Sputter Coater includes: 91110 Gold Target, (57mm dia. x 0.1mm); 7021 Specimen Mount Stage for 12 pin mounts; Operating Instructions.

Specifications for the 108 Manual Sputter Coater
Vacuum System for the108 Manual Sputter Coater
Sputter Targets
Accessories, Spares and Consumables for 108 Series Coaters
MTM-10 Thickness Monitor System

Ted Pella, Inc has been an authorized distributor for the complete range of Cressington vacuum coating systems for over 15 years. Cressington Scientific Instruments Ltd, based in Watford, UK develops, designs and manufactures vacuum coating systems for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) specimen preparation and thin film research applications. Core competencies of Cressington are vacuum technology, DC magnetron sputtering technology, electron beam evaporation technology for EM, cryo technology for EM and thermal evaporation. The Cressington products range comprises 108 series sputter coaters for standard SEM sample coating, the 108 series carbon coaters for standard EDX coating, the 208HR for field emission SEM (FESEM) sample coating, the 208C high vacuum turbo carbon coater for TEM/EBSD/microprobe carbon coating and the 328UHR and 328EB-Carbon for ultra high resolution sample coating. The 308R vacuum coating system for thin film applications is based on a compact versatile advanced pumping station which accommodates sputtering, thermal evaporation and electron beam evaporation all in a 12" light weight stainless steel chamber. Cressington takes pride in building products which have excellent quality, are compact bench-top systems and are easy to use.