Calibration Overview
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Transmission Electron Microscopy
TEM X-Ray Detector Test Specimens

[Copper Foil on Aluminum Grid] [TEM CHECKER]

Copper Foil on Aluminum grid TEM X-Ray test specimen

Copper Foil on Aluminum Grid

To Determine X-ray Detector Efficiency

This dual purpose test specimen can be used to calibrate the EDS system and the check the detector efficiency.
The approx. 60nm copper foil on Aluminum generates two well defined K-lines, Al at 1.49 kV and Cu at 8.04 kV which are very useful to calibrate the EDS system.

The uniform 60nm Cu foil generates both Cu K and Cu L lines. The ratio of the Cu-K/L X-ray intensities is measured, which will provide a measure for of EDS detector efficiency. This is assumed to be a constant, but contamination on the EDS detector window can have a significant influence on the detector efficiency (decrease for Cu-L). Regular checks for the ratio of Cu-K/L lines would enable the operator to monitor EDS detector performance.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
634 Copper Foil on Aluminum Grid X-Ray Detector Test Specimen each $70.65

tem checker


monitor performance of X-ray detectors in the TEM

Contains 5 manganese discs in a PELCO® grid storage box. Each disc is 3mm in diameter and fits into a sample holder exactly as does a grid. The discs are not transparent to the beam but will give a strong manganese peak to check the resolution of an EDS detector.

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
602-15 TEM CHECKER pkg/5 $300.00