New Products

For electron microscopy, light microscopy, atomic force microscopy,
including supplies, instruments and laboratory equipment.

PELCO BioWave Pro+
PELCO BioWave® Pro+
Microwave Tissue Processor
K-kit for Liquid TEM
Gusto Mini Centrifuge
Gusto High Speed
Mini Centrifuge
PELCO ScienceSuds Soap
PELCO ScienceSuds™
Natural Goat Milk Soap
Tissue Microarray Kits
True North
True North™
Freezer Boxes
True North Boxes
Freezer Racks
Tissue Marking Dyes
Tissue Marking Dyes
Rack & Mordant

TMA Pre-cast Blocks
Tissue Microarray
Pre-cast Paraffin Blocks

Slimsette™ Tissue
& Biopsy Cassettes
sem mount mailer tubeSingle Hitachi M4 Mount Storage, Mailer
Large Single Mount
Storage/Mailer Tube
4" Silicon Wafer
4" Ultra-Flat
Silicon Wafers
StainTray 30 Slide System
NEW StainTray™
30-Slide Staining System
Slide Rack
Slide Rack Adapter
Xylene Recycling Pads
Xylene Recycling Pads
Cryostore™ Containers
EBSD Pre-Tilt Holder for Thin SpecimensEBSD Pre-Tilt Holder for Thin Specimens

ESBD 70° Pre-Tilt
SEM Holders
Vacuum Desiccator, powder coated stainless steel
PELCO® N2 Purge
Vacuum Desiccator
PELCO Carbo-Probes
Microscope Slide Boxes
PELCO® Microslides
Think Pink Slide Boxes
Microscope Slide Boxes
PELCO® Microslides
Storage Boxes

sticky swabs
sticky swabs
Sticky Swabs
Micro-Tek & Pen-Tek
Lens Cleaning Pens

Moticam BTU10Moticam BTU8
Moticam® BTU10
& BTU8 Tablets

Motic ae31e
Motic® AE31 Elite
Inverted Microscope
Motic BA410e
Motic® BA410 Elite
Biological Microscope
LED magnifier
10x Measuring Magnifier
with LED
macrosette processing cassette
Super Mega Cassettes
& Stainless Steel
Base Molds
embedding rings
Embedding Rings
metal slide cabinet
Stackable Metal
Slide Cabinets with Base
Block Storage Cabinets
Block & Cassette
Storage Cabinet
Tall Slide Boxes
Large Slide Storage Boxes
Cryo Compatible Slide Boxes
Cryo Compatible
Slide Storage Boxes
diamond white slides
Diamond™ White
Glass Slides
Small Glass Coverslips
Small Square
Glass Coverslips
Golden Nylon Brush
Golden Nylon Brushes
Camel Hair Brush
Camel Hair Brush
Small Slide Warmer with Cover
Small & Large Slide Warmers
with Hinged Covers
Polyshield Paraffin Repellent
Paraffin Repellent

Microscope Slide Rack
Storage Rack
for Slide Boxes
Petrographic Microscope Slides
Microscope Slides
Spot Slides
Spot Slides
Apiezon®  Greases
Apiezon® W100 & W40
AFM Cantilever Tweezers
AFM/STM Precision Cantilever Tweezers AFM/STM Anti-magnetic Stainless Steel Cantilever Tweezers
Easy-Grip Combo Ear Punch close up
Easy-Grip Combo
Ear Punch
stainless steel Mouse and Rat Spinal Cord Matrices
Rat & Mouse
Spinal Cord Matrices
Sedgewick Rafter Counting Chamber, Glass
Sedgewick Rafter
Counting Chambers

HeldSecure cards and tray labels
In/Out Cards
for Slide Storage