New Products

For electron microscopy, light microscopy, atomic force microscopy,
including supplies, instruments and laboratory equipment.

Glass Bottom Dishes
Glass Bottom Dish
Assembly Kits
Vibratory Slicers
precision brain punches
Precision Brain Punches
with Handle
High Capacity Dewar Refrigerator
High Capacity Dewar Refrigerator & Foam Cryo Dewars

Mini Section/Slide Dryer
Mini Section/Slide Dryer

Mini Section/Slide Dryer
High Capacity
Section/Slide Dryer

TruSlice Tissue
Slicing Systems

Black Diamond Autopsy KnivesBlack Diamond™
Autopsy Knives

Micro Slide Boxes
Archimedes™ Pearlex (Ceramic) Coated Base Molds
Archimedes™ Pearlex (Ceramic) Coated, Non-Stick Stainless Steel Base Molds

Biopsy Cassettes
macrosette processing cassette
Biopsy Foam
Sponge Pads

macrosette processing cassette
Super Mega Cassette Series & Stainless Steel Base Molds

Mini Section/Slide Dryer
Super Mega Block Storage

Super Mega Universal Cassette Clamp For Microtomes

Spacer Bar For Super
Mega Slim Cassettes

Sturkey "Gold" and "Infinity" Microtome Blades
polypropylene beakersPolypropylene Graduated
Beakers With Handles

TMA Pre-cast Blocks
Tissue Microarray
Pre-cast Paraffin Blocks

Slimsette™ Tissue
& Biopsy Cassettes

Economy Slide Mailer
Economy Slide Mailer
for 3 x 2" Slide

Moticam BTU10Moticam BTU8
Moticam® BTU10
& BTU8 Tablets

cryo grid box handling rod
gripper tool for cryo grid box
Cryo Grid Box
Handling Tools
sticky swabs
sticky swabs
Sticky Swabs
sem mount mailer tubeSingle Hitachi M4 Mount Storage, Mailer
Large Single Mount
Storage/Mailer Tube

PELCO® Tweezers

Pelcotec X-Checker

Critical Dimension Magnification Standards
Pelcotec™ CDMS-XY

Cobalt and 5N Purity
Gold Targets

Apiezon®  Greases
Apiezon® W100 & W40

RTV 108 Silicon Adhesive
RTV 108 Silicone Adhesive

Electronic Calipers
ECS Series
Electronic Calipers
Formvar / Carbon Grids
Wafer Carrier Trays

Formvar / Carbon Grids
Formvar / Carbon Grids

Formvar / Carbon Grids Gold Mesh
Formvar On Gold Mesh

EBSD Pre-Tilt Holder for Thin SpecimensEBSD Pre-Tilt Holder for Thin Specimens

ESBD 70° Pre-Tilt
SEM Holders

PELCO® Holey Silicon
Nitride Support Film
4" Silicon Wafer
4" Ultra-Flat
Silicon Wafers

Petrographic Slide Storage Boxes
Petrographic Slide
Storage Boxes

Petrographic Microscope Slides
Microscope Slides

AFM Cantilever Tweezers
AFM/STM Precision Cantilever Tweezers AFM/STM Anti-magnetic Stainless Steel Cantilever Tweezers

Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG)
Highly Oriented Pyrolytic
Graphite (HOPG)

AFM Probes

Vacuum Desiccator, powder coated stainless steel
PELCO® N2 Purge
Vacuum Desiccator