New Products

For electron microscopy, light microscopy, atomic force microscopy,
including supplies, instruments and laboratory equipment.

Microscope Slide Boxes
NEW Slide Boxes and Trays

Tissue Marking Dyes
NEW Tissue Marking Dyes

Tiisue Marking Dyes
NEW PolarStat Plus™

Tiisue Marking Dyes
NEW Block-Out®

NEW Cryostore

NEW Cryovial® Tubes

Cane for Cryovial tubes
NEW Cane for
Cryovial® Tubes

Polyshield Paraffin Repellent
NEW Polyshield®

NEW Capinsert for
Cryovial® Tubes

Paraffin Block Mailer
NEW Paraffin Block Mailer

disposable petri dishes
NEW Petri Dishes &
Contact Plates

Black Diamond Autopsy Knives
NEW Slide Rack Adapter

NEW SecureSeal™
Sealing Film

Camel Hair Brush
NEW Camel Hair Brush

Black Diamond Autopsy Knives
NEW Black Diamond™ Autopsy Knives

PELCO easiSlicer™
Vibratory Tissue Slicer

Motic ae31e
Motic® AE31 Elite
Inverted Microscope

Motic BA410e
Motic® BA410 Elite
Biological Microscope

Porcelain Crucibles


liston bone cutter, 14cm
elevators and dissectors
Surgical & Dissection Tools
Graphene on PELCO Holey Silicon Nitride
Graphene on 200 Mesh
TEM Grids

Graphene on PELCO Holey Silicon Nitride
Carbon Support Films
on Special Metal TEM Grids

Micron Reference Carbon Type B Support Film
Lacey Carbon Support Films
on Reference Index Grids

silicon test specimen
Pelcotec™ G-1 Silicon
Calibration Specimen
1µm Pitch

Precision Vacuum Gauge
Glass/Aluminum Storage Cabinet
Glass/Aluminum Storage Cabinet

Dolan Jenner
MI-LED Fiber
Optic Illuminator

Glass Graduated Cylinders
Graduated Cylinders
PELCO® Sample Desiccator for Hitachi M4 mounts
Miltex® Biopsy Punch with Plunger
Miltex® Biopsy Punch
with Plunger

Conductive Silver Grease Conductive Silver Grease

Lab Markers Set of 3

Lab Markers
Sample Pack of 3

Pyrex® Beakers
PTFE Laboratory Products

Coverslip Pick-Up Tool
Handi-Vac® Coverslip
Pick-Up Tool

Glass Microbeakers
Glass Microbeakers

encore blades
Encore™ High and Low
Profile Disposable
Microtome Blades

PELCO FIB Lift-Out Grids
PELCO® FIB Mo and Si
Lift-Out TEM Grids
Low Profile SEMClip SEM Mounts
PELCO Low Profile
SEMClip™ SEM Mounts

FIB Sample and Grid Holder

SynapTek Grids SynapTek Slotted Grids
SynapTek™ Grid Styles

 VRP Vacuum Pumps
VRP Series
Reliable Rotary Vacuum Pumps

Value VRI Pumps
Value VRI Pumps

PELCO® Conductive Silver Paint
PELCO® Conductive
Carbon Glue

PELCO® Fast Drying Nickel Paint
PELCO® Conductive
Nickel Paint

AFM/STM Disc Storage Box

R-T Stage
Cressington 108
Rotary-Tilting Stage

Bright White LED Light
Bright White LED Light