Materials Science Accessories and Supplies

Adhesives Adhesives/Sample Mounting
  Crystalbond™ Mounting Adhesives
  Loctite® 460 Sample Bonding Adhesive
  M-Bond™ 610
  PELCO SampleBond™ Adhesive & PELCO® Pro Cyanoacrylate Debonder
  Fine Carbon/Nickel/Silver Powder
Sectioning Saw Cutting / Sectioning
  Sectioning Saw, XP Precision
  Diamond Sectioning & Cut-Off Saw Blades
  Cutting Fluid
Embedding Powder Embedding
  Cold Embedding Epoxy Mount Kits, PELCO® 2-Hour/24-hour
  Conducto-mount Conductive Mounting Powder for SEM/EDS/WDS
  Cups, Mixing
  Micro Engraver
  Molds: Silicone Rubber, Phenolic Ring, 2 Part Plastic
  Mounting Cups, Caps, Clips
  Protective Mount Caps
  Sticks, Picks, Splints, Stirring
  Scales, Digital
  Vacuum Desiccator, PELCO® Mini Hot Vac
  Vacuum System, PELCO® "Air-Out"
Grinding Grinding
  Premium Silicon Carbide Grinding Discs
  3M Diamond Grinding Discs
  3M Microfinishing Film
  Grinding Powders, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide
  Technical Information, Grit Size Chart, Material Hardness, Grading

diamond lapping
  Aluminum Oxide Lapping Film
  3M Imperial™ Diamond Lapping Film
  3M Trizact™ Film
  Silicon Carbide Lapping Film
590 Polisher
Lapping Accessories
  Precision Lapping Tools
Diamond Polishing Paste
Grinder Lapper Polisher
  Alumina Fine Polishing Suspension
  Cloths, Polishing, Discs
  Colloidal Silica Suspension
  Diamond Paste, Diamond Suspension
Metallurgical Microscope Microscopy
  Motic® BA310MET and BA310MET-T Metallurgical Microscopes
  PELCO® Plast Support Putty
  PELCO® Black Metal Slides
  Sample Leveling Press
  PELCO® Optical Lens Tissue


Safety Glasses

Safety and Cleaning
  Gloves - Nitrile
  Epoxy Hand Cleaner, Professional Paint & Stain Hand Cleaner, Barrier Cream
  Protective Eyewear
Plate Storage Cabinet
Plate Storage Box
  PELCO® 8" Plate Storage Cabinet (5 plates)
  PELCO® Single 8" Plate Storage Box
  PELCO® Metallographic Mount Storage Box
Petrographic Microscope Slides
geological thin section mount