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Tissue Embedding Media
& Histology Reagents

Paraplast X-TRA® - Histo-Clear/Histo-Clear II


Paraplast Plus®

Tissue embedding medium for faster penetration. Cut to 2µm thickness with excellent ribbon continuity; melts rapidly at 56-67°C. Double filtered paraffin containing plastic polymers of regulated molecular weights and a small percent (0.8%) of dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) for faster tissue penetration.

Sold in cases of 8 bags, 1kg/bag.


Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
18393 Paraplast Plus®, case of 8 bags, 1kg/bag case/ 8 bags 1-9 $152.05
10+ 136.85

paraplast x-tra

Paraplast X-TRA® Tissue Embedding Medium

Optimum embedding medium composed of clear pellets of low-molecular weight polymers and highly purified paraffins. Lower melting point, 52° to 54°C. Cut to 2µm thickness with exceptional compression resistance and ribbon continuity. Cut sections are free of distortion; sample morphology is preserved. Low viscosity permits complete infiltration of dense tissue. Sections adhere perfectly to slides without leaving stainable residue.

Sold in case of 8 bags, 1kg/bag.


Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
18394 Paraplast X-TRA®, case of 8 bags, 1kg/bag case/ 8 bags 1+ $170.95

Polyshield Paraffin Repellent

NEW Polyshield® Paraffin Repellent

PolyShield® is a liquid paraffin repellent used as a protective coating on laboratory surfaces that are exposed to paraffin residue. PolyShield® can also be used to clean paraffin that has adhered to lab countertops and equipment.


Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
27210 Polyshield® Paraffin Repellent, 4oz. pump spray bottle each 1-5 $35.25
6+ 33.48

Histo-Clear/Histo-Clear II

Histo-Clear / Histo-Clear II

Histo-Clear, distilled essential oils (food grade) and Histo-Clear II, a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons and distilled essential oils, (food grade) are excellent non-toxic clearing agents replacing xylene.
Histo-Clear is a Xylene substitute (a d-Limonene). The use of Histo-Clear in the laboratory means no longer having to breathe xylene when preparing histological sections.  Distilled from oranges, carefully purified, and stabilized, Histo-Clear is one of the safest clearing agents available.
Histo-Clear not only improves safety but also results. Histo-Clear leaves tissue less hard and brittle than xylene, facilitating the cutting of thin sections and prolonging microtome blade life. Nuclear morphology is rendered in fine detail. Histo-Clear enhances the clarity and vibrancy of acidophilic stains and improves staining of Harris' Hematoxylin with a brighter Eosin background. Histo-Clear can directly substitute for xylene and yields excellent results in automated tissue processing.

  • Rapid Clearing without the Toxic Hazards of Xylene
  • Biodegradable:  Natural Product with Food Grade Rating Worldwide
  • Compatible with Most Popular Mounting Media
  • Superior Results with Low Citrus Odor

The Histo-Clear II is a newer version of Histo-Clear, with less smell from the original Histo-Clear.  Please read below descriptions.  Please note that users must use a compatible mounting media.
Histo-Clear II, like its predecessor Histo-Clear, is a safer histological clearing agent that leads to the production of high-quality tissue slides. Histo-Clear II is nontoxic and completely biodegradable, thus reducing disposal costs. Histo-Clear II has a greatly reduced citrus odor compared to other citrus-based histological clearing agents.

Note: Histo-Clear II is not compatible with many synthetic mounting media.
Histo-Clear II is also a long-standing favorite in dry mounting procedures and aqueous mounting. Please confirm compatibility with your mounting media before using Histo-Clear II when wet-mounting with synthetic media.

Histo-Clear SDS (103KB PDF)
Histo-Clear II MSDS (60KB PDF)

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
18390-G Histo-Clear 1 gallon $115.25

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Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
18391-G Histo-Clear II 1 gallon $82.00
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